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In Topic: The Nintendo Switch Flipping has begun

17 January 2017 - 12:40 AM

I've got two on preorder. Was going to cancel the Best Buy one when I got an Amazon preorder but maybe I won't now if supply seems short. But I think there will be plenty.

In Topic: How do you edit magazines?

17 January 2017 - 12:38 AM

I gave up on the first vid after it was 4 minutes in and it was just finishing up the cropping lol. Everyone has a process, so even though I find it WAY faster to use CS6's straighten tool followed by a quick and easy crop, I would never suggest that you should do it differently if that's what you're comfortable with. I should point out that I use Fuji's Scansnap ix500, which automatically crops the image accurately, so the only cropping I sometimes need to do is on the gutter side of the page. Those scans of marktrade's or anything scanned on a flatbed are obviously going to be a bit more troublesome.

However, I'd like to point out that resizing the image the way you do is problematic. In order to be displayed consistently in a CBR reader (or PDF if someone converts the file), the pages should have a constant height, not width. The RM minimum is 2200px high. But whether it's 2200, 2300, 2600, or whatever strikes your fancy, it's important that each page be the same height, especially on any pages that have content that continues onto a facing page, even something as simple as a colored page border. Rather than using rulers and dragging the image to resize, you should type in the pixel height in the "image size" menu to get it exact (and in my opinion this should be done after all other editing is finished as part of a closing action.)

Anyway, here's me (using Photoshop CS6):

  • Open a single file
  • Use straighten tool (done by drawing/dragging a line against a straight horizontal or vertical line printed on the page)
  • Crop
  • fix blemishes using combination of content aware fill and clone stamp
  • Record the following as a single action:
    • adjust levels
    • adjust brightness and/or saturation (usually not necessary)
    • set image height to 2300/2400 (depends on the mag)
    • save copy of image at compression level 9
    • close image
  • Open next file, repeat steps 1-4, then hit the play button to execute the action that does everything in step 5
  • Repeat
The action created in step 5 can only be used on a single magazine, since other mags may need different level/color adjustments. Likewise, if a single mag has more than one type of paper stock, I'll create an action for each paper type.

This is the most expedient way I know and gets good results. Content aware fill is a blessing that older versions of Photoshop don't have - those guys are stuck using clone stamp more or less exclusively. And oddly even the straighten tool seems to be absent from older Photoshops, forcing people to rotate the page by degrees - crazy.

Once again , your steps nearly mirror mine. And like you said I don't have content aware fill or straitened tool. But you can draw a line and rotate command and it will straitenen the line. Just not as straight forward as the newer command.

In Topic: How do you edit magazines?

17 January 2017 - 12:34 AM

The main thing is , and you may not have been here when they changed it. But it's constant height on a scan. Where used to be constant width. Due to consistent reader viewing. The width doesn't matter it seems your cropping doesn't vary. Whereas when I crop some pages will vary somewhat as I crop depending on page content. A ful page artwork I'm cropping as little as possible. A page with mono color borders or pattern I'm doing an easy crop and if the page is t cut straight I'll be cropping more so I don't have to fill in during editing.

In Topic: i hope the nintendo nx is a total failure

08 January 2017 - 06:52 PM

You bought a Playstation 4 Pro why?

You bought a Playstation 4 Pro why?

Ok, not all of them. Cause 4K HDR rocks. And better VR. But still. I've played my Wii U more the last 3 years.

In Topic: i hope the nintendo nx is a total failure

08 January 2017 - 03:29 PM

For the most part, the so called big boy games aren't very appealing to me. Tend to be graphical powerhouses with uninteresting repetitive gameplay, with hooks designed to make you spend money on XP and DLC. You can keep them.