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Phillyman's Blog > Complete N64 Video Game Collection For Sale!

Posted 03 October 2012

Posted Image I stumbled across this on eBay today, someone that is selling a complete set of Nintendo 64 games.


Phillyman's Blog > RewindGamer Has Switched From BlueHost To HostGator

Posted 31 May 2012


RewindGamer has switched hosting companies as of last night. I was with BlueHost for the past year or two. Unfortunately their servers feel sluggish, and I recently noticed that they were “throttling” my websites. None of my websites are resource intensive, nor...

Phillyman's Blog > About Phillyman ? The Atari Years

Posted 24 May 2012


If I am going to blog about video games and give you my opinions. I believe I should first take you back and explain how I got into video games and my past experiences.


Phillyman's Blog > ThinkGeek is selling a SNES style Wii Controller

Posted 22 May 2012


The good folks over at ThinkGeek really know how to hit me in my nostalgic heart. Recently they have started selling a SNES-Style Wii controller


Phillyman's Blog > Nintendo World Championships Up For Sale!

Posted 16 May 2012


One of the Grey Nintendo World Championships cartridges is currently listed on Ebay. For those of you not familiar with this cartridge, please read the below excerpt from Wikipedia.