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Driver 2 (psx)

Posted by POLO9999, 12 August 2009 · 1,892 views

There's a Short introduction about this game.

A Good old times game, it was one of my favorite when i were more younger and we rent this games for Week-ends :-). (Now i have the Game).

The first thing i see it's the free-mode, that's the mode i like most ! :D. You drive in the cities, stealing cars, runaway the cops,...

But sure, the missions are the main mode, But some are hard enough to get angry.

There's something that you'll get ANYWAY... be chassed by cops !!!
The Script is soo rude that if you pass the speed limit just a little more... You got chassed... Red Light passed? Chassed !... It's quite bad when you need to keep away the cops (That's also normal that it's soo rude because you'll drive mostly (no guns) soo definitely cops need to be more rude for equilibrate the level).

The maps are quite big too :-).
On the start you get only Chicago and La Havane but 2 other cities are available after that :).

And in the end, somes of the challenges are just... impossible (Check Out the Video).

Good Points :

Good Maps.
Free Mode.

Bad Points :

Police is very rude.
Some Challenges impossible for a normal player.

My Rate : 8.5/10

Video Link : http://fr.justin.tv/...b7a8a0079ad3b7e

some nice unlockables if you go to certain spots or finish levels a certain way i think.

things like different vehicles, some only usable or findable on certain maps.

and cheats too, like immunity to police attention, and invinciblility.

finding the mini cooper in havana, turning on invincibility and zipping around, or turning on invincibility and immunity in chicago, and jumping the bridges as they go up.

lots of thigs to do, i think i even managed to convince my younger brother that the airplanes in chicago were usable vehicles lol.

fire engine ftw!
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this was my favorite of the driver games! driver 3 wasnt as good IMO
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Driver 1 was great I never got into Driver 2 for psx.   Free drive was almost better than the game itself with to sweet replay video

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