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  • Gaiares (3)
    Gaiares (3)
    As someone who - long ago - balanced business and party through hairstyle, I can take exception to these sarcastic remarks while also agreeing with them wholeheartedly.  :)
  • Treasure Master
    Treasure Master
    It actually sounds kinda cool.
  • Gaiares (3)
    Gaiares (3)
    Yeah, he's in all three ads.  And my dreams.  Feel free to add "Captain Mullet" to my tags, if you like.Jaime Bunker.  Professional Gamer.  Professional Heartbreaker.
  • Gaiares (3)
    Gaiares (3)
    Holy cow, it's Captain Mullet! :)
  • Totally Rad
    Totally Rad
    This game was called Magic John in Japan.  I...guess the new title is better?Too bad they didn't call it Bitchin'!

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